Patients first. Paperwork second.

Cutting edge patient signout technology saves money, saves time and saves headaches for Inova Hospital.

MicroMed Strategy.saw an incredible opportunity to cut Inova Hospitals outdated patient signout process in half.

Today's problem: Yesterday's patient signout

For many hospitals and healthcare organizations, the patient signout process can sometimes be defined as "patchwork" at best. Loose sheets of paper are handed off and handwritten notes are scribbled down. If you're lucky, there's a computer you can use to manage some patient signout tasks.

But today's professionals have made it work, one way or another. But at what cost? Just because it's working now doesn't mean there isn't a better way.

MicroMed Strategy & distributed patient signout technology systems

MicroMed Strategy (through it subsidiary) created patient signout system for Inova Hospital that can be accessed anywhere in the building.

Just like a brain processing signals from nerve endings, the exchange of patient information happens at one central location, accessible form multiple locations in a hospital. And the entire system is completely HIPAA compliant.

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Residency Patient Signout

Your hospitals medical professionals will never have their workflow "bottlenecked" by the patient signout process again. Save time for saving lives -- not for paperwork.

Our Patient Signout technology is an online patient signout system that allows residents to perform patient signout tasks from any computer in the hospital instead of just one or two specific locations.

Patient Signout technology saves time, hospital budget, and ensures patient record continuity.

  • Residents can track, share, edit, and manage patient information from multiple on-site locations at any time of the day
  • Information includes, but is not limited to lab results, patient diagnosis, and even current medications
  • Secure patient information can never be intercepted by outside parties.
  • Reduced paper charting yields increased resident and attendings efficiency and productivity.


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Many other technology consulting companies provide perfectly fine solutions to general technology challenges.

MicroMed Strategy knows and understands that the health care industry has specific needs, challenges and requirements that other industries simply do not have to adhere to.

MicroMed Strategy has been working with health care industry professionals since 1999. We have been listening to your needs and have been providing best-of-class solutions tailored specifically for health care.

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